About Me

I am a passionate wanderlust and love to explore new places and is keen to seek the world beauty. During my leisure time, I watch movies, listen to music, dance, and like to play guitar (though I am still in the learning process).

Poetry is something that fascinates me and is the one which diverted my path towards writing. From my school time, I have been writing poetries, scripts, and stories as a hobby, but after having a corporate experience for a year, I opted freelance writing as my career.

My creativity is my art and writing is my passion, and so here I bring to you “Crownurride”, which will surely help to crown your life in this challenging world. Whether you are a travelholic, foodie, fitness freak, beauty and health conscious, sports lover, etc. etc. and wanna keep yourself updated with the latest trend; we have everything for you, of your interest. Friends, life is a long journey, so just take your seat, select a ride of your choice and enjoy. That is what I do, and this is what I hereby bring for you.

My purpose of creating Crowurride is to get connected to the world and to give people the platform where they can explore new places, new culture, new tradition and new lifestyle; can work on their personality, knowledge & skills; and can motivate themselves to face the challenges of this beautiful life.

So guys, stay tuned, subscribe and crow your life with “Crownurride”.

If you have any ideas or suggestions or reviews to improve this site or if you want me to write an article of your choice, catch me Here.

Vaishali Garg