Janamashtami Celebration by The Learning Brush

Crownurride represents The Learning Brush, which has recently organized an event on Janmashtami.

Janmashtami celebration at The Learning Brush was a mesmerizing event with all the little Krishnas and cute Radhas.

With heavy rainfall on both days in New Delhi, parents ensured that their kids be part of the Donation drive.

As a gesture, they contributed to underprivileged kids in form of eatables and reusable items.

The items collected will also be sent for Kerala relief.

Every year kids just listen to Krishna Tales but often do they contribute to the society or help the needy.

Lord Krishna, since childhood was so thoughtful about his friends and villagers. If the children today just follow some, the world will be so much beautiful.

Today’s world, where one individual is so very indifferent of the next person, these ethics need to be rooted in kids from the very early years, says Sonal Gupta, founder of The Learning Brush.

Kids from the age of 10 months to 12 years attended the workshop encircling story of Lord Krishna.

The importance of Govardhan Parvat was narrated to children.

In Hindu culture we have the ritual to do Parikrama, kids were told the essence of Parikrama and they did it around The Govardhan Parvat chanting Hare Krishna.

The aura created by kids performing all the rituals was so very divine and magical.

The Learning brush constantly works for kids to help them explore knowledge and have the young kids rooted closer to our traditions and culture.

In case, you want to know more and would like to connect to The Learning Brush, contact us here.

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