Sealing of Noida Marble Market, Sector 48, Noida


Noida: For the past few days, the news about the sealing of the Marble Market in sector 48-49, Noida is in the great sensation. By sticking up to the Noida Green Belt Plan, NGT has now taken steps to remove the 20 years old settled marble market from the area of Sector 48-49, and now the shop owner’s are requesting the Noida Government to provide a commercial marble marketplace in Noida, where they can shift their respective shops.

The cause of this sudden decision was the complaint made by the residents of the sector 48 to NGT. The decision is really fruitful for the residents, but is it really fruitful for the peoples who are working in that area for the past 20 years? Is the decision fruitful for those 120 shops owners, who are nurturing their families from the income generated by the sales at these shops? No, the answer is big no. There are many shop owners who have reached the age of retirement and has no other source of family income. So, how they will start a new business from scratch at such age? And the biggest question is ‘Where’?

Noida is a developing area, and it requires raw material for that, and if these shops will be removed then how the people of Noida will get that Raw Material. And, purchasing these raw materials from outside Noida, will cost heavy on their pocket too. So, the removal of these shops will actually be a loss in term of localities of Noida as well.

Obviously, this is really a sensitive issue for the people. By fighting with the power of truth and reliability, the shop owners have taken a stay from the NGT court for 3 months, after which the government will seal that marketplace.

On this term, we contacted a few people from the market. Mr. Naresh Agarwal, the shop owner of V.M.G. stated that “This market is set up here for past 20 years. We agree that this place comes under Noida Green Belt area, so now we even don’t have any issue to empty this place, but at least the government should grant a valid place to us where we can shift. A few days before we have taken place at a nearby area and we spent around 6 Lakhs Rupees to furnish the ground, but 2 days later, the government published the issue that if any type of construction work took place there, the area will be sealed. So, where shall we shift now? We searched the entire area but failed to get any valid place where we can shift our shop. So it’s a humble request to the government to grant us a place where we can shift our businesses.”

We also get to know that the shop owners have even met the Noida’s ministers and have requested them to provide a valid plot where they can shift their existing shops. As per the shop owners, there is no commercial marble market area in Noida, whereas, in Delhi, Faridabad, and Gurgaon, the government has provided the slot for commercial marble market.

It is really a huge concern. But, we too believe that if the government has taken steps for the welfare of the people living in Sector-48, then now, it’s time for them to take a step in the welfare of these shop owner’s and provide them the commercial marble market area in Noida, for their better livelihood, by fulfilling their duty thoroughly for the welfare of common businessman. After all, our country could only develop if our Government support the people in growing their business, not by sealing them.

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