Spread Positivity Like Its Confetti

Spread positivity like its confetti

We have heard so many quotes about life… “life is too short to..…!!!”, “ Live your life…!!!”, “Enjoy every moment of life…!!!” and so on. But, if we try to implement all these, practically in our life, do you really think it’s possible? Being true, No, Not at all! Life is much more than what we think it is, and as everything has its cons and pros, so did life. If life is beautiful, then, on the other hand, it is miserable too… If life is sweet, then it is bitter too; and with no choice, we have to go through all of its phases.

If life is a bed of roses, then obviously it has thrones too, and it completely depends on us how we look at it. Like for an example, there is a glass of water, half full and half empty. If someone asks you is the glass half full or half empty? What will be your answer?

Undoubtedly, most of us will answer half empty, while there will be some who will be answering it’s half full. But, at any point in time, have you ever given a thought, ‘Why?’ ‘ What is the fundamental explanation behind the different opinions?’

Well, there is no rocket science behind it, just a small philosophy, and that too distinctive viewpoint. It’s quite simple, the one that saw the latter looks what is missing rather than focusing on what is already there, which actually shows the negative viewpoint of a person. Now, for an instant, let’s consider this example with the perspective of life. It’s quite normal when a person is not happy with what they have in their life, they will become negative. They will look at the emptiness of their lives and search for the things that they need in their life which really shows the negative world-view of a person. And, we all know that a negative person is full of stress, anxiety, anger, depression, and the sadness, which stops them to appreciate the small moments of life. I am sure we all have someone in our life who always thought like this and take everything with a negative perspective, and not only them, sometimes we too get depressed at some moments.

A negative mind will never give you a positive life

So, the question arises “ What we can do in such situation?” “What should be our drive?”

Here, the first and foremost thing you need to do is to see the glass half full of water. It simply means that start appreciating what you have in your life and stop regretting the things that you don’t have. I am not saying that you should stop working to fulfil your desire, but be courageous enough to accept your failure as well, and try to appreciate the things that you already have.

I know it’s not easy and it depends on the person how they want to look at the life. But, if one focus on all the positive, good, and beautiful things in the world and in their life, then I am sure things will change.

Remember one thing that life is full of happiness and is pretty amazing. All you need to do is to find happiness, choose happiness and be happy! Because once you decided, no circumstance can stop you from being happy.

Believe in yourself. Believe that you have the ability to transform things into positive. Attempt to add positive inputs in the world, in your life. And remember, if something has not happened as per your will, then for sure, God has made some better plans for your life, for your future.

Obviously, it’s not easy to be positive at all time, but what if we focus more on positivity rather than on negativity? Just give a glance what will happen? Undoubtedly, things will become easier and life will appear more beautiful, and ultimately you will be happy.

positive mind positive vibes

You don’t have to implement this only in your life, try to motivate others as well to be positive. Because when our surroundings are good and positive, then obviously, you will feel happy. Make a move and start spreading Positivity like confetti, maybe one day, either for you or for someone, it may bring some cheer to the life.

If you see any people having a negative view regarding any situation, try to show them the positive side of that situation. Bring a change in your life and in other’s lives, and challenge yourself to be positive and to spread positivity like confetti as much as possible. You will surely feel better, happier and life will appear more at ease.

Toss some confetti

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