Why we celebrate National Doctor’s Day?

How important a good doctor is, valuable and necessary, we do not know until we are sick or have an injury. Therefore, Doctor Day is being celebrated to encourage doctors and to thank them. The main of the Doctor’s Day is to put the hard-working doctor in the spotlight and encourages us to consider their efforts for long hours, their compassion and the efforts made in the practice of medicine.

The National Doctor Day has been celebrated to identify the contributions of physicians of personal life and communities. In every country, this day is being celebrated on a different date. However, in some countries, this day has also been marked as the holiday. Although this day should be observed by patients and beneficiaries of the healthcare industry, but generally this day has been celebrated by health care organizations.

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If we talk about the beginning of this day, this day was first celebrated on March 30, 1933, in Winder, Georgia around the world. To celebrate this day, cards were sent to physicians and their wives, as well as flowers, were placed on the graves of dead doctors along with Dr Long, and a program of formal dinners in the house of Dr and Mrs William T. Randolph was organized. The Barrow County Alliance adopted the resolution of Mrs Almond to offer thanks to doctors to bring Doctor’s Day in the trend, and in the year 1933, Mrs E. R. Harris of Winder, who was the President of Barrow County Alliance, presented this plan to the Georgia State Medical Alliance. After this, on May 10, 1934, this resolution was adopted in the annual state meeting in Augusta, Georgia. This proposal was then presented by Mrs J. Bonar White, the Alliance president, in the 29th annual meeting of the Women’s Alliance of Southern Medical Association which was held in St. Louis, Missouri, from November 19-22, in the year 1935. Since then, Doctor Day has become an integral part and synonyms in the Southern Medical Association Alliance.

After this, during the 101st United States Congress, the United States Senate and the House of Representatives has passed S. J. RES # 366, which was signed by President Bush on October 30, 1990 (Making Public Law 101-473) and designated Doctor Day as the National holiday on March 30.

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However, with Dr Kimberly Jackson and Dr Christina Lang, Dr Marion Mass officially turned doctor day into the medical week, in March 2017.

If we talk about India, every year, National Doctor Day is being celebrated on 1st July, to honor the most famous physician, Dr Bidhan Chandra Roy and other doctors as well. It was marked as Doctor’s day as 1st July is his birth and death ceremony. This day remarks the respect and love that Doctor’s deserve for their priceless efforts; they are putting and have put yet for the welfare of the society.

National Doctors Day Is Celebrated To Pay Tribute To Legendary DR BC Roy

This is a great ritual in India that helps in meeting the real needs of doctors in everybody’s life and also fulfils their important roles and responsibilities towards the society. The yearly celebration of this amazing awareness campaign is being celebrated to make common people aware of the role and importance of doctors and their precious care.

India’s large population depends on the treatment of practitioners and their quality in many ways, which show significant improvements and progress in treatment and treatment methods. The annual celebration of doctors has proved to be effective in the scheme of emerging and encouraging the lack of commitment towards their profession.

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As we know, sometimes the common and the poor people mainly get stuck in the wrong hands of the irresponsible and non-professional doctors, who become the cause of the public violence and led to protest against them. This awareness campaign is a great way to attract all doctors and physicians in one place so that they can be brought in a track of their responsibility towards this life-saving medical profession.

In today’s era environment, we are very much in need of doctors to protect ourselves and to keep our health healthy. In true aspects, then without doctors, our living today is as difficult as without social media. For every small disease we reach the doctors’ clinic, and if doctors do not treat us at the right time, then what will happen? Will we be able to save ourselves from any illness, or will we preserve the health of our loved ones? No, not at all. The doctor is still like a hybrid for us, who fixes our diseases and provides us with a long life. Without them, our life probably cannot be as happy as today we are living. Doctor’s Day is the day to say special thanks to the doctors for their work and to show our heartily respect towards them. This day has been remarked as a day of respect for the doctors, who have made great efforts to save the lives of the patients. Doctor Day is a day, dedicated to the healthcare and medical profession, especially for physicians and doctors, to celebrate the victory of their efforts they have put and roles played. This day is being celebrated to thank the doctors for the precious care for their patients, for their love and affection towards the good health of the society.

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However, the National Doctor Day comes only once in a year, but we are grateful to the doctors for every day of our life, due to which we have got a healthy lifestyle, as a boon.

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